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Art is an Imprint of History

The cultural renaissance in Egypt began with civil work. Cultural salons were the first nucleus for the formation of literary groups and poetic schools and intellectual trends.  The music clubs were the seed of the fruit that shaped the music institutes, the theater teams were the cornerstone of a comprehensive cultural art movement, and the School of Fine Arts was the first word in a brilliant artistic history.  The cultural life in Egypt took off with two wings building a civil society that thinks, experiences, proposes and dreams, and a state that chooses, fosters, supports and establishes.

From this standpoint came the idea of Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts as a pure Egyptian cultural institution, which puts before it a high dream that the sophisticated culture will be an essential component of the Egyptian personality, not neglecting the importance of the interaction of this culture with its regional environment to increase knowledge and deepen connections to benefit all, based on creative ideas and ambitious programs, and effective contributions developed by the Board of Trustees with a great deal of experience, enthusiasm and sincerity.

This is an Egyptian institution.  All Egyptians have all rights in it.  For all youth, creators, dreamers, seekers of a true word in art, literature and intellect and for all who put human values in mind.

Artist Farouk Hosny, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Farouk Hosny

About the foundation

Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts is an independent foundation founded in 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. The foundation is registered in the Ministry of Social Insurance under number 872 for the year 2019. It is located in the deep-rooted Zamalek neighbourhood; the home of art of Egypt...

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