Grand Merit Award

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts launched the Grand Merit Award in the third round of the Arts Awards in 2022. It is awarded to an eminent personality of outstanding achievement who influenced Egyptian cultural life in art, literature, cinema or music, for all of their works, and it is therefore not intended for young people like the rest of the awards. , but to well-established personalities in their field, and it represents a tribute to the winning personality and gratitude for the value of their achievement.

The Award

The value of the award is two hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, in addition to a certificate of appreciation and a trophy. The award is presented at the Arts Awards Ceremony in the presence of members of the Board of Trustees and prominent cultural symbols and figures in the Egyptian society, and it is covered in all different media.

General Secretariat of the Award

The great writer, Mr. Mohamed Salmawy, member of the Board of Trustees, was chosen as Secretary General of the Award.

Conditions for nomination for the award

The names are nominated by the Secretary-General of the Award to the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees votes on the nominated names and approves the nominated name by a majority vote.

Conditions for granting the award

  1. The character nominated for the award must be alive.
  2. It is necessary to be present in the presence of the personality nominated for the award at the awards ceremony.
  3. The General Secretariat and/or the Foundation have the right to withdraw and/or withhold the prize from the winner in the event that he is not present in person on the day of awarding the prize.
  4. The Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts reserves the right to cancel the award and/or withhold the award and/or change the terms and conditions.
  5. The Foundation and/or the General Secretariat and/or the Secretary General have the right to withdraw the award at any time according to their absolute discretion without giving reasons.
  6. The winner is solely responsible for payment of any state, local, and/or union taxes, fees, and/or fees imposed on the prize.

Grand Merit Award Winners