About the Foundation

Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts is an independent foundation founded in 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. The foundation is registered in the Ministry of Social Insurance under number 872 for the year 2019. It is located in the deep-rooted Zamalek neighborhood; the home of art of Egypt.

The foundation’s mission is to focus on the development of artistic and cultural activities and the various creative disciplines and cultural components with the objective that culture is capable of absorbing all human creative practices.


  • Developing art and cultural activities and serving all components of creativity and culture
  • Creating attractive disciplines for the youth
  • Supporting authentic artists with creative potential and original talent
  • Holding artistic and cultural activities and competitions
  • Incubating young talents to develop and hone their skills

Art Awards

The Farouk Hosny Foundation Award for Arts is an annual award to support artistic and cultural excellence. The award is presented annually by the foundation’s Board of Trustees in the presence of prominent leaders of Egypt’s cultural scene and is covered by reputable media and PR outlets. The award is awarded to a contemporary emerging or established Egyptian artist as voted and selected by the Judging Committee based on creative input and artistic uniqueness and excellence.

The Museum

The foundation’s premises also include the foundation’s museum that includes numerous artwork of Artist Farouk Hosny as well as his collectibles of Egyptian and International paintings and sculpture such as Ragheb Ayad, Adam Henein, Mahmoud Saeed, Hamed Nada, Samir Rafea, Giorgio de Chirico, Mahmoud Mokhtar, Seif Wanly, Adham Wanly, Antoni Tàpies, Hedayet, Nicolas Poussin, Alexandre Cabanel, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon_Chardin and others, as well as a books and music library.

About the Logo

It is worth noting that the foundation’s logo icon is inspired by one of the self-portrait paintings of Artist Farouk Hosny.

Farouk Hosny Foundation logo self-portrait