Terms, Rules & Conditions – Art Critique Award 2024

Please read these rules (“Terms, Rules and Conditions”) before submitting and delivering your art critique study for the 5th Round of Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture & Arts (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”) Arts Awards 2024 competition.

By participating in this competition, you acknowledge and agree to abide by and be bound by the following rules, terms and conditions:


  1. Your art critique study (“The participations”) can only be submitted through the online competition registration page, which can be accessed via the following link: http://apply.faroukhosnyfoundation.org.
  2. Participations will be accepted from 00:01 on September 1, 2023 until 24:00 on November 1, 2023 in Egypt time (GMT+2). No participations submitted after the specified time will be accepted.
  3. The participant must be an individual whose age is not less than twenty one (21) years old and not more than forty (40) years old by December 31, 2023.

The Art Critique Study

  1. The submitted Art Critique study must not contain any logos and/or symbols and/or any signs and/or other added marks.
  2. Any Art Critique study that is or contains any inappropriate, offensive and/or other content deemed inconsistent with public morals will be disqualified.
  3. It is not permissible to participate in any art critique study that won previous awards, exhibited or participated in one of the local or international competitions, or any other competitions that were announced before September 1, It is also not permissible to submit any art critique study that was previously used for any commercial purpose. Any art critique study that does not comply with the above will be automatically disqualified from the competition and without any further notice.


  1. The total amount of the competition award is 60,000 EGP (sixty thousand Egyptian pounds) only. The first winner will receive 30,000 EGP (thirty thousand Egyptian pounds) and a trophy, the second winner will receive 20,000 EGP (twenty thousand Egyptian pounds) and the third winner will receive 10,000 EGP (ten thousand Egyptian pounds).
  2. The judging committee appointed by the Foundation evaluates the Art Critique study and determines the winning Art Critique study.
  3. The results and award winners will be announced.
  4. Only the winning Art Critique study that made it to the final stage will be exhibited in the group exhibition catalog.
  5. The organizing committee of the competition communicates with the qualified participants, who must provide the judging committee with their personal information from the date of the participation request, and the monetary award will be granted to the winners in person only.
  6. The Foundation has the right to withdraw and/or withhold the award from the winners if they are not present in person on the day of presenting the award.
  7. The judging committee has the right to accept or reject any of the participating art critique study at its absolute discretion and without the need to explain the reasons for that acceptance or rejection to the concerned participant.
  8. The Foundation alone shall decide the right of the manner and/or display of the art critique study participating in the collective exhibition without the participant’s objection to the manner and/or display of the participating art critique study and the presentation shall be binding on all participants.
  9. Winners are responsible for paying any taxes, fees, governmental, local, and/or union fees levied on any award they may obtain by participating in the competition.
  10. The award judging committee’s decision on all matters relating to the competition shall be final and binding on all participants and may not be objected to.
  11. The contestant’s qualification does not mean candidacy for the final stage, and the submission of the nominated art critique study for review by the judging committee does not mean passing the final stage and/or winning the competition.
  12. Any incorrect data or mismatch in the data of the application for the participation or the request for submission of the art critique study and the lack of the required attachments means complete exclusion from the competition without any financial or moral responsibility on the Foundation.
  13. The Foundation reserves the right to cancel the competition, withhold the award, change the terms and conditions and/or choose the venue and organization of the collective exhibition for the competition and/or cancel it.
  14. The Foundation shall not bear any expenses, under any name, in the competition, including the transfer expenses of the contestants or the participating art critique studies.
  15. The Foundation retains the right of publishing the art critique study from the date of its receipt.
  16. The qualified contestant is not entitled to request the withdrawal of the art critique study until the end of the collective exhibition. In the event of his/her insistence, this shall be considered an official withdrawal from participation. In the event of winning the competition, the Foundation shall recover the value of the award and/or the trophy and/or the certificate of appreciation.
  17. The contestant must attend and actively participate in the inauguration of the collective exhibition in case of reaching the final stage.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. In the event that your art critique study reaches the final stage of arbitration, you grant the Foundation a permanent, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license to use, publish, copy, display, perform, modify, revise, create derivative works from, distribute and grant the right to distribute, print and promote your art critique study, or any part thereof in any way and use any media, whether now known or at any later time and anywhere in the world and for any purpose in connection with the competition and publication in the Award’s print and digital promotional materials such as Award magazines and/or brochures and pamphlets and/or the Award’s website and/or other publicly available websites and/or promotion of subsequent competitions and/or generally promoting the works of the Award.
  2. In the event that the submitted art critique study qualifies for the final stage, you grant the Foundation a permanent, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free right and license that can be granted to others, to use, publish, copy, display, distribute and promote photographs of the art critique study and your personal photos, in any way and use any of the media whether now known or at any time in any part of the world and for any purpose, including but not limited to: exhibiting in an exhibition of winners, publishing in a book containing a selection of the works entered into the competition, publishing in award publications or highlighting the participations or the winner of the competition in the websites and in general promotion of the works of the award.

The Responsibility

  1. By accepting these rules, the participant is liable to any monetary or legal harm caused by him/her or others to the Foundation, the Award Judging Committee, its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising agencies, agents, employees, officers and representatives and to relieve all said parties of responsibility, indemnify and discharge them of all liability, claims, judgments, requests, disputes, agreements, indemnities, suits and causes of action of any kind – and whatever their causes or nature – arising out of or in any way related to the competition or the conduct of the competition or the acceptance, use, abuse or possession of the award granted, whether by law or principles of equity. The participant shall also waive any claims that may be brought or brought by him/her against the Foundation in connection with the Contest and/or the Submission of Art Critique Study or any of the activities associated with, connected with, or in any way resulting from the Contest, even if the damage or claim is wholly or partly caused by omission or gross negligence committed by its agents. The participant also agrees to indemnify the Foundation and prevent any harm caused to it for any claim arising out of his/her participation in the competition, including, without limitation, all claims made, brought or asserted by third parties based on any breach or damage that the participant or the third parties may incur in connection with his/her participation in the Competition. The participant hereby accepts to compensate the Foundation and prevent any harm to it, and discharge all claims, arising out of his/her participation in the competition.
  2. In the event that the Foundation believes, in its absolute discretion, that the participant did not comply with any of these rules, the Foundation has the right to disqualify him/her from the competition, and then he/she must compensate the Foundation for all costs incurred in connection with the artworks submitted by him/her and his/her participation in the competition, and in connection with the awards distribution ceremony, including without limitation (if and as applicable) any travel costs incurred by the Foundation, refunding the monetary award amount and returning any trophies or certificates to the Foundation.
  3. The Foundation under no circumstances shall be liable for any participating work that is lost, delayed, missing, stolen, unclear or incomplete.
  4. The Foundation under no circumstance shall be liable in the event of not being able to hold the competition as expected for any reason or other reasons beyond the Foundation’s control that impede or affect the proper administration, security, impartiality or integrity of the Contest or its proper conduct.
  5. The Foundation shall, in accordance with in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition as it deems appropriate. The Foundation also reserves the right to correct any typing or typographical error, computer software or operational errors at any time.